Update 0.6.2

New version released!


  • Jurassic defense map is back!
  • You can now customize the number of waves (Wave Survival)
  • Medic pack cooldown time increased (Wave Survival)
  • There is no speed or sprint restriction anymore (Wave Survival)
  • More maps available (Wave Survival)
  • Improved shop sign (Wave survival)
  • Buildings give gold and score on destroy
  • There are no more free weapons, only M4 and MP5
  • Your team has now funds and can use superweapons against the enemy
  • Bosses doesn’t regen all life on level up
  • Allies don’t target enemy buildings on Survival and Wave survival
  • Changed boss’ spawn position on Abandoned Warehouse (Defense mode)
  • Zombies speed increased (Death by Nightfall map)
  • Added max time survived in Survival game mode to stats


  • Fixed shops in Underground Terror map (Wave Survival)
  • Fixed bullet effects of turrets
  • Fixed stats increments
  • Fixed stats’ name on main menu
  • Fixed fire’s light effects on Death by Nightfall map
  • Fixed weapons’ sound effects priority
  • Fixed a rare bug that lead the game to a defeat at the start in several maps


CoA - Linux (Universal) 965 MB
Version 0.6.2 Jun 23, 2018
CoA - Windows (64 bits) 857 MB
Version 0.6.2 Jun 23, 2018

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