Update 0.6.6

Update 0.6.6 is finally here.

The main change in this update is that now you are able to select your enemy in most maps.

clash_of_aggression_22_06_2019_10_05_52-sjptij2y.png clash_of_aggression_22_06_2019_10_06_29-e3d5jen3.png

Each map has one or more recommended enemies: the original enemy team intended for that map. If you don't follow it... well, it may be dangerous . Also, before the map selection, you can set the difficulty and the arcade mode:


Finally, the network code has been updated and is now using the Mirror library. It has been tested on a local environment (Cable vs Wifi) and on the Internet and it is working better than ever!

Check the changelog for the rest of news!

Full changelog


  • Migrated to Unity 2018.4.0f1 LTS
  • Updated network code to Mirror library
  • Watchman and guards are now pikeman
  • The knife is now available at the begining of the game for modern characters
  • Backward walking speed reduced
  • Added dinosaur boss
  • Added game mode settings panel before map selection
  • Added arcade mode setting and difficulty selection to game mode settings panel
  • Added enemy army selection panel: army of darkness, dinosaurs invasion, medieval army, medieval bandits, medieval crusade, modern army, spiders, zombie invasion
  • Übertank limited to one unit
  • Medieval Defense map redesigned
  • Flamethrower cost lowered to 1000
  • Flamethrower soldier cost lowered to 700
  • Gunner cost lowered to 150
  • Poisonous stalker spawn rate lowered
  • Removed Jessica playable character
  • Removed old Depth of Field effect
  • Removed hell difficulty option
  • Removed wandering effect of vehicles after end game
  • Level requirement of M249, flamethrower and fireball spell set to 2
  • Level requirement of Anti-tank, meteor (superweapon) and grenade launcher set to 3


  • Fixed dinosaurs on network
  • Fixed reload action while shoting
  • Fixed normal difficulty on network

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