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Clash of Aggression is all about "last stand": your team against dozens of enemies. It features characters and weapons from the middle ages and from modern times.

Features implemented to date

  • 12 unique levels with different theme and different enemies: modern city defense, medieval town, horror maps, zombie enemies, medieval soldiers or modern soldiers
  • Online CO-OP: players team up against the enemy hordes
  • Online deathmatch, with power ups spawning randomly and boxes with unexpected effects
  • 5 game modes
  • Allies on player team, CPU - controlled
  • The player earns money that can be used to hire new allies, superweapons or new weapons
  • Experience: player and every character on game has experience with bonus depending on level
  • Superweapons: atomic bomb and meteors
  • 9 playable character
  • Ranged and melee weapons: modern and medieval
  • Customizable PVP: you can set the frag limit and the spawn of random boxes

Game modes

  • Classic Last Stand: defend your base for 10 minutes. Fast paced games oriented
  • Base vs Base: defend your base while trying to destroy the enemy base
  • Wave Survival: defeat each wave, buy new weapons until the final boss appears
  • Deathmatch (multiplayer only): kill your opponents and be the first to reach the frag limit
  • Survival: there is no scape. Survive as much as you can

Tested under LAN environment, on Wifi and Ethernet. For non-LAN game you should open port 7777 in your firewall and in your router.
The game includes an in-game small tool that checks if your PC is reachable for this game and some instructions in case it's not.


Work in progress

  • Players will be able to join the enemy side and fight each other in Classic Last Stand and Base vs Base game modes
  • More maps, characters and enemies to fight
  • More classic PVP game modes: team deathmatch and capture the flag
  • Customizable games: player will be able to chose his side and enemy side, number of enemies, random events and duration
  • More PVP game mode options: random events and wandering enemies attacking all players

What's new

v0.5.3 Mar 12, 2017

  • New arcade mode: if checked (game settings), attack and death sounds are 8 bit like, body disappear faster
  • Floating damage text font changed in normal mode (no arcade)
  • Superweapons added to Akihabara defense map
  • Improved floating damage position
  • Improved explosions' lighting effects
  • Improved accuracy: higher accuracy while standing or crouched, less when moving
  • Optimized Asylum map
  • Optimized GPU usage
  • Fixed default graphic effects on first start
  • Fixed difficulty not being shown correctly in the scoreboard
  • Fixed game mode not synced correctly on clients. Clients were able to see enemy building health on non-base game modes
  • Fixed floating damage while playing with the crusader
  • Fixed Gore game setting option not being unchecked correctly

v0.5.2 Jan 28, 2017

  • Upgraded to Unity 5.4.4f1
  • New medieval playable character: crusader
  • Introduced medieval playable characters:
    • They have more HP and can carry medieval weapons (melee and some range).
    • Can't carry fireguns
    • Can hire medieval allies
    • Superweapons are based on magic
    • Instead of grenades they use potions. They explode on contact (no timer)
  • Overlord is now a purchasable character through the shop (only medieval characters)
  • New purchasable ally for medieval characters: sorcerer
  • New melee weapons: broadsword and longsword
  • New range weapon: crossbow
  • Flashlight key can be customized
  • All weapons, except primary weapons, can now be dropped (useful in online coop)
  • Changed several on screen pickup messages
  • Increased dragon (boss) bounty from 40 to 4000 $
  • Fixed other players' melee weapons floating on multiplayer
  • Fixed Classic Last Stand game mode not finishing at minute 10
  • Fixed dragon (boss) death animation
  • Fixed flashlight on multiplayer


Buy Now$1.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

CoA - Linux 0.5.3 (32 bits OpenGL 2) Version 0.5.3 970 MB
CoA - Linux 0.5.3 (64 bits OpenGL Core) Version 0.5.3 970 MB
CoA - Windows 0.5.3 (64 bits) Version 0.5.3 967 MB
CoA - Windows 0.5.3 (32 bits) Version 0.5.3 965 MB
CoA - Mac OS X 0.5.3 (Universal) Version 0.5.3 1,001 MB

Download demo

CoA - Linux 0.5.2 (32 bits OpenGL 2) (427 MB)
CoA - Linux 0.5.2 (64 bits) (427 MB)
CoA - Windows 0.5.2 (32 bits) (425 MB)
CoA - Mac OS X 0.5.2 (Universal) (447 MB)


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