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Clash of Aggression

Online/LAN single and multiplayer shooter · By mencapento


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Multiplayer problems with latest version
Hello there! Sadly, the multiplayer mode isn't working fine with the latest version. You can still play singleplayer with the latest improvements (0.6.7) but it...
Update 0.6.7
News Updated Mirror network library to 3.11.6 (Medieval characters) Magic is no longer unlimited: it should be refilled with mana (Medieval characters) Added sp...
5 files — 0.6.6, 0.6.7
Update 0.6.6
Update 0.6.6 is finally here. The main change in this update is that now you are able to select your enemy in most maps. Each map has one or more recommended en...
Update 0.6.5
News Optimized overall code performance: IA, player, explosions… Optimized Übertank attack Now it takes longer to level up Added level requirement to store i...
Update 0.6.4
News Desert defense map optimized and improved Main menu improved Changed enemy’s meteor music on launch Ally and enemy team’s superweapons are more frecuen...
Update 0.6.3
Merry christmas! New version released! You can now enjoy again the old Christmas defense map. It has been optimized and improved. In this map you must fight ene...
Update 0.6.2
New version released! News Jurassic defense map is back! You can now customize the number of waves (Wave Survival) Medic pack cooldown time increased (Wave Surv...
2 files — 0.6.2
Upcoming version 0.6.2
Dinosaurs are back! Among other news... stay tuned!...
Online/LAN single and multiplayer shooter
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You can join to the official Discord channel in:
started by mencapento Feb 07, 2019
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Experience Every character on this game (turrets included) has experience. You can check their kill count and current le...
started by mencapento Oct 02, 2016
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Clash of Aggression features five different game modes. Victory condition vary from one to another, as well as some game...
started by mencapento Oct 02, 2016
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